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Artist's Statement

I am a self-taught photographer based out of Golden, Colorado, the perfect home base for photographing the western United States.  

I have a master's degree in Geology from Utah State University, and it was during this time that my interest in photography grew and developed.

Utah is an excellent place to be if you enjoy the outdoors.  From the alpine regions in the north to the desert in the south, Utah offers unlimited opportunities to get out and experience nature.  I have always had an appreciation and fascination for the outdoors, which is why I pursued geology in the first place.

I have since moved to colorful Colorado with its rugged mountains, crystal lakes, and diverse blankets of wildflowers.  Living here I find myself surrounded by opportunities during all 4 seasons to get out and enjoy the wild Colorado landscape. 

After making thousands of exposures, some successful, most not I started to learn what worked and what didn't with respect to landscape photography.  While I think I am still learning about photography and nature to this day, I believe that I have developed my own style that hopefully portrays the inherent beauty of nature.

Feel free to browse my slowly growing gallery and if you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me.

If you are interested in my upcoming art shows or updates on new additions to my gallery, please Like me on Facebook:

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